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Building an early childhood experience one block at a time!


Our program was designed around the following building blocks!

Kid Piling Blocks
Stacking Blocks


PlaySchool Central is an early childhood program where God is the foundation that everything is built upon.


Our relationship with our families provides a deep sense of connection and partnership in the caring and education of your child.


PlaySchool Central opens its doors during downtown events as a safe place for Families to refresh with a PLAY Break!


We believe in educating through play.  Why is play-based education better for your child?

music meadow.jpg
God's Garden Pic.jpg

In 2013 we started sending our oldest child to MDO and in 2014 our second child attended. We have been so happy with the MDO preschool that our third child will also be attending next year.

We love the welcoming atmosphere and wonderful teachers at MDO.

As parents, we're grateful there is a safe and caring place for our children to develop, play, learn, and grow.

We always recommend this program to our friends seeking childcare.


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