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PlaySchool Central believes that a strong relationship with our families is essential to a quality early learning program.  Our families have keycard access to our facility during PSC hours.  Families bring their children to the classroom each morning and are greeted at the door by one of our loving teachers.  Inside our facility on the first floor is a new FAMILY room, entitled God's Big Backyard.  This room serves as a welcome center for our families on the lower half of the room, as well as a dedicated STEM environment on the top half.  During drop off and pick up our families are encouraged to go and play at God's Big Backyard.  

New for the 2021-2022 school year is our Parent Council.  We are looking for creative parents who are interested in creating several family events for our program through the course of the year.  Events in planning include our Family Christmas Program and Our Block Party.  Additional events will be added as the Parent Council meets and designs these special opportunities for our PlaySchool Central Families.

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